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Thank you to your law firm for everything you guys did for me on behalf of my daughter. When neither school district listened to me I gave up hope thinking she wasn’t going to have a normalized education. Every child no matter handicapped or not deserves the same education.

Being a special needs mama bear is twice the work. Her herself needs so much more one on one attention and they constantly denied me or said she isn’t special ed enough!!!!! WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN????

Thankful for the person that referred us and set us up with this amazing firm. The kindness and attention to detail you guys paid means more than you will ever realize and the intake gal is the sweetest and so caring. There is a special place for your law firm in heaven. On behalf of my family and I we are so grateful for all of you and the work you put in for us…… – A.P.

When you have a child with extra needs that is not thriving, it can be heartbreaking. As a parent you feel like you have failed, when in reality it’s the education system that has failed you. In your heart, you know they could thrive if the right plans and interventions were in place to support them. That’s when you get a much-needed lifeline that gives you hope. Terri was the lifeline that we desperately needed. After years of struggling through IEP meetings and asking for more services, it was Terri that knew exactly how to get what our child needed. The feeling of relief that comes with knowing that your child is learning in a way that truly works for them is priceless. I now think of Terri as the magical unicorn that, in my humble opinion, changed the path of our son’s life for the better. To say we are grateful is an understatement. Thank-you for advocating for all the kids and families that you have helped!” – V.K.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your hard work. I knew from our first phone conversation that you were the right person for my case. Everyone I spoke with was professional, but what made you different is the fact that you are actually very passionate and dedicated. You took the time to listen to some of my child’s most traumatic experiences, and some of the hardest moments of our lives with unprofessional school staff. I am so grateful I was referred to your office, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing plan you set for my little girl. You have definitely given her a fresh start to a successful future. I am done with the useless waste of time IEP meetings. I would highly recommend any parent who is dealing with the school district on their own and feel helpless to contact Terri’s firm. Don’t waste your time fighting alone. Parents you just hand your case over to Terri. She will take all the relevant information. She will then analyze it, and call you with a plan of action. You just sit back and focus on your child; she will do the work and I know you will be happy with the results. – R.P.

Terri, I’m so grateful for all your hard work and the time you put into my son’s case. Thank you for going above and beyond and getting other services for him. I’m speechless! I’m so humbled by your kindness. Thank you for being so patient and helping me through this process. Thank you for making me feel like my son was your top priority even though I know you have many other clients. Thank you for always replying to all my emails and text messages. The service that you provide is golden. You are truly amazing for the hard work that you do. Thanks Terri, for helping me and my son. – S.T.

Terri, I would first like to thank you very much for taking my children’s cases and providing excellent service and care for my children. My previous experience with the District had been unpleasant and frustrating. Although I tried to advocate for my children, my efforts were exhausted and it became overwhelming. The service I received from you was outstanding and remarkable; and I felt an immediate sense of relief having you on the case. Your passion, knowledge, effective and timely communication, dedication to serving children, and execution of a specific plan for each child’s needs, is irreplaceable. For me, as a mother with 2 children with challenges, it was as if I was sent an angel to protect my children’s educational rights. I recommend Terri as a go to attorney for children with disabilities or challenges. Her directives are precise, transparent, and timely. I appreciate and respect the work that she does and now the District is more cooperative. Once again Terri, thank you very much. – A.G.

My experience with Terri and this firm has been just great. She has been available, supportive, and professional. Terri delivered outstanding work. She makes herself available to speak on the phone, text, and email. I never felt as though she forgot about us. She always kept me updated on everything. My experience has been truly outstanding. I have received expert advice, timely communication, and thorough, well thought out responses. With such time sensitive matters, this office is very accommodating, compassionate, and understanding of parents with special needs children. I can’t thank Terri enough for going above and beyond for my autistic son. I highly recommend Terri and her firm for any family looking for a special education attorney. If I ever need any help with my son’s education again, I know who to call. Thank you so much Terri! I can honestly say I can breathe a little easier now! – N.W.

Terri, you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I never thought I would meet someone who would fight as hard for my daughter as I do until I met you. After my own failed third attempt and just when I started losing hope, you were able to get her school district to agree to the services she needs and deserves without even having to go through the stress of a trial! You are an angel sent to our family (or at minimum, a superhero!). Thank you so much for your time, persistence, tenacity, understanding, professionalism and patience. Because of you, my daughter is safer at school. I am indebted to you always. – K.L.

Terri, there are not enough words to express my appreciation for all that you have done for my son and my family. From our first conversation you put me at ease with your words of wisdom and expertise, I knew at that point I had made the right decision. Due to your professionalism, hard work and knowledge, my son now has a chance to succeed in life. When the school district failed us, you stepped in and gave them a fight and never once backed down. You helped to set our goals and fought for the best possible outcome and some! To sum it all up you are an amazing Attorney as well as a person. I will forever be grateful for your hard work and dedication, not only for my son, but all the children you support. You have been our saving grace. If someone were to ask me to rate you between 1-5 stars, you would be a definite 10!!! Thank you for everything! – J.G.

First and foremost, I want to thank Terri for everything. Terri do not deserve a star rating; she DESERVES DIAMOND & PLATINUM RATINGS. What she did for our family especially our daughter, was utterly amazing. Words cannot express how we feel. She truly corrected wrong. From start to finish Terri was attentive and did not sugarcoat the process. She explained each step of the way. She was in constant contact with us and never left us wondering. Terri brought peace of mind to us. We will always be grateful to Terri. If you feel that your child has received injustice by their school district, I would highly recommend you contact Terri to represent you. You will not be sorry. TERRI YOU ROCK! – A.K.

I write today in praise of Terri, a most excellent attorney that defended my 8-year-old son in our contentious dispute with the school district. Terri’s focus has been laser sharp, evidenced by the meticulous brief she wrote on my son’s behalf and by her fierce negotiations with the district’s counsel. Moreover, Terri always kept us apprised of developments as they occurred. My son and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. At long last he is free from the oppression of the placement he was in and finally learning how to read! Is it any wonder, then, that my son and I take this opportunity to give Terri a much deserved standing ovation.– H.C.

La abogada Terri fue cariñosa y muy profesional al lidiar con el asunto de mi hija para que obtuviera los servicios de educación especial que necesitaba desesperadamente. Ella programó reuniones telefónicas regulares para mantenerme informada y estuvo disponible por teléfono o correo electrónico para cualquier pregunta o inquietud. Ella explicó el proceso en detalles fáciles de seguir y nos dio opciones legales. Trabajó rápidamente para procesar la denuncia al distrito escolar e incansablemente para finalizar el acuerdo perfecto para nuestra hija (todo esto durante los obstáculos de la pandemia del virus). En nombre mío y el de mi hija, quiero agradecerles por escuchar y dar a mi hija una voz en el momento que necesitaba. No podríamos estar más felices con los resultados y esperamos ver un salto en el crecimiento personal y el éxito académico de nuestra hija.– A.E.

We are very grateful for Terri’s help! We felt ignored, disrespected, tricked, and hopeless when working with our school district to get what our kiddo needed for academics and supports. Upon my initial phone conversation with her, I felt listened to and understood for the first time! I had no idea how many ways the district didn’t handle our IEP properly. She took on my same passion to get what our kiddo needed and took off much of the stress I was carrying. I already knew she was smart and was going to represent us well but then the Administrative Law Judge complimented her submitted documents as being thorough and well documented. We are pleased we were lucky enough to be referred to her!– R.R.

My son attends high school. We had fought for special Education rights and an IEP for my son for almost 4 years and had no success with the school district. In desperation I reached out to a special education teacher outside of the district and she referred me. Terri was AMAZING! She was compassionate and heartfelt about all the mistreatment my son had endured. She went to battle with the district and in what we couldn’t achieve in 4 years she managed to do in a couple months. The settlement Terri was able to get for my son was far beyond our expectations. I would recommend Terri to anyone who has a child struggling in school. – S.L.

Ms. Terri was awesome. She was very knowledgeable about the legal process and she had many resources available for me and my family. She dealt with us directly, which was great for me. I was amazed by her patience and understanding while guiding me through my son’s case. She was very hands on and answered all my questions and concerns. We were successful in my case and that was directly due to Ms. Terri’s hard work and dedication. She’s my go to person for all my family’s school related legal needs. I was so impressed by her work that I have recommended her to all my family and friends. Thank you again Terri for all your kindness you have shown my family and me. – C.P.

I would like to post a five star plus rating for this resource as a legal advocate for my daughter and I. My daughter is currently in residential treatment through her IEP with our school district. I came to know my attorney Terri, during a time of crisis. I was worried my daughter was never going to get the level of care she desperately needed. As a single working parent, I didn’t have the resources at my disposal to hire an attorney and the miracle of their taking my case and collecting the fees after placement have allowed me to have legal support up front. Placement through your school district via an IEP is very difficult to get. It has been a lifesaver and they were with me every step of the way. Terri is very professional and compassionate with their approach. I recommend her highly and without reservation. – H.O.

Hi Terri, thank you so much. You have helped us so much. We have been requesting this transfer of school for a long time and you made that possible for my child. We will forever be grateful for all the time you have put into helping my daughter get the education she deserves. – M.T.

Good Morning, Terri Thank You! After years of combating the school district on my own getting nowhere, finally my son has an IEP with the support and assistance he desperately needs all because of you. This was no easy task and without hesitation you fought for my son as if he was your own. The determination, the knowledge, compassion and diligence you have is rare. Going into this journey years ago on my own was a rollercoaster ride of emotions till the day I spoke with you. My mind was at last at ease. You’re Amazing! Terri, I cannot Thank You enough! – R.C.

Good Morning, Terri Thank You! After years of combating the school district on my own getting nowhere, finally my son has an IEP with the support and assistance he desperately needs all because of you. This was no easy task and without hesitation you fought for my son as if he was your own. The determination, the knowledge, compassion and diligence you have is rare. Going into this journey years ago on my own was a rollercoaster ride of emotions till the day I spoke with you. My mind was at last at ease. You’re Amazing! Terri, I cannot Thank You enough! – L.L.

Terri has been such a blessing in my family’s life. My grandson is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and had unfortunately been mistreated and neglected in the school setting due to his inability to advocate for himself. Terri stepped in and provided amazing guidance and support and has since helped my son receive a fair and appropriate education. She gave my grandson a voice when he needed it most! I highly recommend Terri to anyone needing legal guidance and help regarding IEPs and special education services. – J.P.